Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.



My better half has blessed these pages with a witty and insightful post written just for us, specifically for our female counter-parts that endure our polygamist relationships. Her incredibly funny, sharp and sarcastic view of life in a cubicle - within the realm of the corporate world, can be followed on her blog - Business Casual. If you or any one you know, has ever had to spend (waste) 8-hours of their life in business casual attire, adhering to strict company policies and making small talk by the water cooler, you won't be able to stop reading. I dare you to try. My personal favorite is the "Hall of Shame" series. - Enjoy

A Girlfriend’s Guide to the Surfer

Guest article by: BusinessCasual

For those women out there who have ever dated a surfer- you can relate to my story and I to yours. We’re part of a sisterhood and we must unite. We’re a powerful force of women who stick with our men through the unexpected shifts of the tides… literally. We’re much like the Politician’s wife, but she has nothing on us. She may live in fear of the things she’ll never know about her husband- the shady dealings he may be involved in or the fear that there is another woman. For us, we do not fear there’s another woman. We know there is. And her name you ask? It’s the goddamn Sea.

I’ve had the pleasure of dating my boyfriend (the world renowned author of this blog) for over 5 years. I feel like I know him inside and out- What makes him happy, what makes him laugh uncontrollably, what makes him cry like a girl (a surprise pinky to the rectum will do that- which coincidentally makes me laugh uncontrollably). I know all the things that make him uniquely wonderful, and he knows the same about me. He is genuinely the most incredible, dependable boyfriend I could ask for**PAUSE** There is a caveat to our blissful love story…. He’s the most incredible, dependable boyfriend unless any of the following scenarios occur A) a huge swell has come in, B) the wind is howling offshore, or C) there is a break of any kind that is over 1-2 feet, poor conditions. I’m always weary of making weekend plans with Nick. We often have ‘day dates’ planned where we arranged to go to yoga, bike, or picnic on the beach. I’ve literally been sitting in a yoga class about to enter my zen state, when Nick’s phone buzzes (one of his friends letting him know “it’s going off”) and he’s gone in 2 seconds. I will say that I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. Surfing is his passion, his life. I’m not one to interfere with that kind of love.

(me watching Nick surf)

…That’s not to say I’ve always been so calm and understanding. I’ve often been curious as to the pull that the ocean has over him. The sea is like a seductive mistress that rips his attention away from me and sends my man running into her arms with the snap of her finger…or the crash of her wave I should say. I even went through a phase where I was open to threesomes. I would go out and surf with nick- I’ve given in a valiant effort on numerous occasions. But after the bitch tried to drown me three or four times, I decided to hand in my towel.

Ladies of the sisterhood, my point is this: There’s no reason to get upset when plans are changed last minute due to Santa Ana winds, or a killer swell. It’s all part of the mystery and seduction of the sea. I accept this as part of the person I love and I’m happier not fighting it. I do, however, recommend removing all surf boards from the bedroom. No one needs that kind of competition. At the end of the day I feel secure knowing that I’m one of Nick’s two loves. May the best woman win. I will admit that I do feel confident that I have the upper hand. After all, she has crabs and I pee in the ocean all the time.

(article by:


The Eddie - Haiku (the poem, not the person)

Last month I mentioned the waiting period for the Eddie Aikau Contest had started. Well it finally looks like the contest might be held. The most coveted big-wave surfing event, held at the world famous Waimea Bay. So check out the live feed if you're not on the North Shore.

Also I found this poem about the Eddie Aikau Contest on master bike-builder of Chabbott Engineering, Shinya Kimura's blog.... pretty funny.
now in Waimea Hawaii
people are gathering and waiting for 20ft over
for Eddie Aikau 2011
forces of nature...



House Of Simple Pleasures - Deus Ex Machina

Can a man be in love with a style? An attitude? A design? An idea? An entity that embodies the very lifestyle he can only jealously dream of? Custom made and endlessly stylish - motorcycles, surfboards, bicycles, etc... etc...

A daily routine of endless dynamism - Australian motorcycle road/surf trips, Vintage surfboard swap meets, Balinese temples of creativity, art, photography, music and everything else that makes me happy... Deus Ex Machina is my destiny. If ever there was a company (if you can even call it that) which cried out to every particle of my being, it is them. I have posted their bikes before (drool). Wrote about their new compound in Indonesia's surf mecca and caught myself daydreaming about their workshops while staring slack-jawed into open space whilst in my cubicle at work. Next stop Sydney... Let's just hope they show this little seppo some love.
Hello? Deus crew? Are you guys reading this? Not to sound desperate or anything, but I'd pretty much eat a turd-sandwich to work for you...


Kelly Slater - Guiness Book of World Records

A buddy of mine sent over a funny article from ESPN. Below is some of what Jake Howard wrote regarding Kelly Slater making it in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Kelly Slater now ranks right up there with the woman with the world's longest fingernails, the fattest twins to ever ride tandem on a moped, and the redneck with the longest mullet. It would appear that winning his tenth world title was more than just an ASP record, as the ever-inquisitive people at the Guinness Book of World Records took note and recently gave him his place in history.

"The most career wins of the male Association of Surfing Professionals world title is 10 by Kelly Slater," reads the good book's phrasing.

"As a kid reading the Guinness Book of World Records I never thought I'd actually be in it," confesses Slater. "I used to dream of something I could do that nobody else had either thought of or could do. It's pretty cool to have found that. Whether it lasts for a short or long time, I can always say I was in there! Pretty cool."


No Waves = No Surf = Moped Time

What to do when the surf goes flat???????

...Try to break the Vintage-Moped-Skateboard Division of the Land Speed Record.

Rider: Danny Galligani. Boarder: Nick Ovanessoff
Photo courtesy of Janos Palko - see more of his work here.


Lord of The Rings... Piston Rings

I feel the weight and burden that Frodo endured. The seemingly endless and impossible journey... To successfully find the right Piston Rings for my precioussss. This ordeal has delayed the rebuild project by almost a month now. So close, yet so far. I literally feel like I've reached the top of Mount Doom, exhausted, battered and on the brink... except when I reached in my pocket (cardboard box of spare parts) to complete my quest, I notice I brought the wrong ring.

This is definitely all my fault. I blame inexperience, impatience and oversight. How was I supposed to know that between 1968 and 1974 Kawasaki decided to change the piston shape and ring size by 1/1000th of inch 6 different times? Owning the correct shop manual for the motorcycle might have been a good start... but who has money for books these days? Only college girls that strip part-time, that's who. Since I no longer attend college and actually get fined when I take off my clothes, making due with what I have will have to suffice... Sacrificing accurate part numbers, valuable time and my own sanity in the process. Estimated delivery time for these precious rings is 3-business days. Finally! But who knows what will happen between now and then...

Gullom's custom chopper


Bonhams - Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

I realize that in order to maintain journalistic integrity, I should be keeping myself abreast of all Surfing & Vintage Motorcycling events and happenings around the world... or at least in my own country. However I must admit that I am somewhat, how could I say?... "Out of the Loop." Besides of course what I read on WetSand, Surfline and my reading list of blogs that I check on an infrequent basis... Whatever. It's not like any of you come here for breaking news. Not that it's a bad thing if you are, as that would be flattering. So thank you.

Anyways, as I was reading the blog-roll, I noticed that the ever amazing Vintagent is reporting live from what is supposedly the largest, most historically significant motorcycle auction of all time. The Bonhams and MidAmerica Motorcycle Sale, in Las Vegas. Although my last Vegas visit was a bit of a blur (departing LA at 2:00am after realizing their bars are still open and we could just make 1st call if we left right then...) And I promised myself I wouldn't be back until I felt comfortable enough to physically set money on fire for fun... I find myself wishing I was there right now. Just check out all the amazing bikes going up for auction here and (here for photos).

Over 200 classic motorbikes representing every era will be featured in the auction – starting with the exceedingly rare 1894/95 Hildebrand & Wolfm├╝ller – the first ever production motorcycle in the world. Pretty rad little bike, with a direct drive motor. I think they should bring these back into production. I see so many people scooting around on converted gas powered bikes.

Pictures from the Vintagent and online...



I've been on a short break. Haven't had much time to think of or find anything cheeky to post on here for a while... Might be seasonal depression do to all the rain, the freezing cold water and missing the last few swells, only to get skunked when I finally make it out for a surf. When I start feeling creative, I'll get back to you.

As for now, I'll be sitting and staring out the window... waiting for the mailman to deliver what I hope to be the final part of the motorcycle that I'm rebuilding. Over the past 2 weeks I've been within spitting distance of completing this year long project. The last and final parts that remain to be fixed in place are the piston rings. The set I had ordered previously were 1/1,000 of inch too thick. Frustration is not a profane enough F-word to describe how I feel. I can't find the original box they came in to confirm what the part number is, so I don't order another pair of the same. It was so long ago, I can't even remember where I got them from. I did previous post about how the original rings broke off in the cylinder and the old piston was scoured and scratched beyond repair. But I hadn't bothered checking the size and fit of the new parts until now... the very end. Now I have to play the waiting game. Lesson learned.