Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


Bring back the Classics

Seems like the vintage/classic style bikes are making a comeback... or rather have never left the scene. So as the big names have been reintroducing the throwback models like - Triumph with their 'Classics' series which never actually changed much, Ducati with their 'Sport Classic GT', Honda's 'CB1100' are making a big comeback, Yamaha with the Sakura and Royal Enfield with the 'Classic 500' (yes please!). Well then can Kawasaki can't be too far behind, right? Actually they always had the 'W650' (2004 & 2005 model), but stopped production only to make way for the 'W800'. It's about time too... I'm just finishing up my vintage/classic Kawasaki and need something to make it look good.

The W800 looks a lot like the RE Classic 500 which in fact is a great compliment in itself. Anyway, for us vintage/classic fiends, a modern touch is usually welcome. Check out Kawasaki's official video for W800. Enjoy!


Pieces-Of-The-Pie And on the 8th day he said..."Let there be Headlights"

Finally finished the electrical for rest of the bike and hid all the extra wiring behind the headlamp. Just popped the glass bulb into place and tightened the single screw holding it in. The headlight is complete and hopefully the wires are all correctly connected and we don't have a Johnny-5 experience when I start it up for the first time.

I mentioned in an earlier post how intimidating the electrical process seemed, but honestly, it only took a few minutes of matching colors and using a little common sense.


British Customs - A video by TAR

My good friend and cinematographer Tim Ryan (TAR Productions), recently made this ad for British Customs. He thought I would enjoy (which I did) and so I'm sharing with all (5) of you. Tim is actually pretty amazing. From inspiring photographs from his travels to surf company ads featuring hot girls to music videos. He also made a pretty rad surf movie a couple years ago - "On a Rail", that documents a surf trip, by train (hence the title), around Europe. Good surfing, cool editing, the soundtrack is great and it's definitely worth a peak if you haven't seen it. Plus it just makes me want to travel... Anyways check out his site here and watch the video for British Customs below.


Pieces-Of-The-Pie _ Sneak Preview

And now for a sneak preview of what I've been tinkering with for the past year...

Betty is almost complete. Just missing a tiny little thing called the motor...
Right now it's more of a Flintstone's style foot-powered cycle.


Jeremy Flores Wins Pipe - Parko Wins Triple Crown

Twas a battle of epic proportions. Although the waves were a little smaller than everyone hoped, the contest was still pretty amazing: Kelly scored a perfect-10 (not including the ones on the beach ;) ), Dane can do airs at Pipe, there were a whole bunch of high scoring 9's, Dusty Payne qualified for the 2011 world tour in a dramatic heat, a few broken boards and a lot of broken dreams. Including mine, which involved a Kelly vs. Dane final.... But no, Jeremy and Kieren duked it out, with the young Frenchman claiming his first ever WCT victory, at Pipeline of all places. Congrats Mr. Flores.

Also, Joel Parkinson tripled his Triple, winning his 3rd Triple Crown Trophy. Yes Parko, you dominate Hawaii harder than that un-neutered Pitbull dominated my leg at the park last week. Parko took home the big bucks and a pretty sweet $10,000 Nixon watch.



Creative Destruction - Chapter 5

One of my favorite surf video site/blogs - Creative Destruction - has their latest Chapter (5) of artsy, inspiring flicks up for view. The latest entry entitled "Lost for Words" is especially fun for my viewing pleasure as it takes place in one of the coolest places I've ever traveled to and surfed, San Sebastian in Northern Spain (and also in SouthWest France). The city is absolutely amazing, the people are amazing, the food is incredible, the scenery, the fun beach breaks, blah, blah, blah, it's rad. Go there. But for now, enjoy the video of Wade Goodall ripping some heaving beachies in Europe.

"Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness."

Creative Destruction. Chapter 5: Lost for Words from CREATIVE DESTRUCTION on Vimeo.


Lay-day at Pipe Masters - Elsewhere Goes Off

We are all feeling the horrible wrath of that awful little girl/(weather pattern) we call La Niña, which in Spanish means; The Niña. While the waves here are doing their best impression of lake Titicaca, a swath of Northerly swell (that missed us, but...) light up select parts of the North Shore... except Pipeline of course, which after running 24 heats on Tuesday, is seeing yet another day off.


NOW: Web Premiere DEC 15

Now, An Analog Moving Picture Project from Analog Clothing on Vimeo.

Riley Blakeway has teamed up with Australian Modern Collectivian - Chippa Wilson and Analog Clothing to bring you NOW.


Riley Blakeway is a young and super talented film maker (I've posted videos from him before). Chippa is just a ridiculous Aussie surfer with a pretty amazing rags to riches story. The preview looks amazing and on December 15, will be premiering the movie on their site (for free).


Friends, foes and film critics:

Where will you be on Wednesday, December 15th?

Fine. Grand. Superb. Cancel it.

Instead, on the 15th, join us at for the online premiere of Chippa Wilson’s new profile flick, NOW, from Analog/Riley Blakeway.

This release marks the film debut of Chris “Chippa” Wilson, the New South Wales lad who traded his hard hat for a frequent flier card and the life of a jet-setting young surf star. Sped to renown by the web’s viral pathways, Chippa’s complete lifestyle makeover took a mere 18 months. He is a surf icon of the internet age.

Qantas courts him. Female hearts palpitate at his visage. Waves double over in his path for the honor of hosting Chippa’s trademark aerial steeze.

NOW will be available for free viewing in its entirety all day on Wednesday, December 15th, from 9:00 a.m. EST (for our East Coast friends) until 5:00 p.m. HST (for our Hawaiian ‘ohana). It can be seen nowhere but on

Please. Join.


SURFING & Analog


Pieces-of-the-Pie _ A Final Look Inside

Rounding the final curve and the finish line is in site. The distant cheer of the crowd grows louder and every stride is slightly longer. The bike is closer to completing the Marathon of it's rebuild than ever before. Like an Iron Butterfly ready to emerge from the dark cocoon of my makeshift shop, Betty sits restlessly, awaiting her final touches.

This will (hopefully [knock on wood]) be the last time these pieces (of the Pie) ever see the light of day. Forever entombed in their steal sarcophagus, sealed with the ancient engraving of the sacred word "Kawasaki" upon it's surface. The first kick will awaken the beast within and the 90cc little monster will roar to life with a ground shaking rumble equivalent to the sound of 1,000 clapping monkeys.


Billbong Pipeline Masters - Begins Tomorrow!!!

"And so, after nine events, 10 months of surfing, globe trotting and parties, the 2010 ASP World Tour is pulling into its last stop: the 2010 Billabong Pipeline Masters. And it most certainly has been a year not to be forgotten. Kelly Slater was anointed the winningest surfer in the sport's history, a bold new generation -- spearheaded by the likes of Jordy Smith and Dane Reynolds -- seized the limelight, Aussie upstart Owen Wright's a shoo-in for Rookie of the Year honors, and sadly, this year the tour also lost one of its own in Andy Irons -- a four-time Pipeline Master himself."

The Super Bowl of Surfing. The world's most respected (and deadly) wave. Pipeline is surfing's ultimate venue, which celebrates it's 40th anniversary this year. Even with the world title already decided 48 of the best surfers in the world are about to go to battle for the most prized trophy in the sport. "I'd rather win Pipeline than any other contest," explained the late Andy Irons, four-time Pipe Master. "Unlike other breaks, Pipeline is the only wave in the world where a surfer could make a living by only surfing that wave", says CJ Hobgood...

words and photos from the web, Mike Newman from, etc...


The Jay At Maverick's & The Eddie at Waimea Bay

I love big wave surfing - as a spectator of course. Man gracefully dancing on the surface of a heaving wall of liquid death. I don't understand how they do it... The rush I get from being in what what I would consider big waves is indescribable. The feeling of invincibility combined with oh-my-god-I-didn't-die moment... when the spray clears, the bottom drops out beneath you and your looking over the ledge, weightlessly racing down the face of a mountain of water. My big waves of course would be laughable by the Big Wave Brotherhood that battle these behemoths for a living. Their level of fearlessness and confidence borders insanity.

Anyways Last week was the opening ceremony for the annual Maverick's Invitational Surf Contest and The Eddie opening ceremony was just this past weekend at Waimea Bay.

After much controversy with rights, management, etc... the Maverick's contest has been renamed The Jay at Maverick's, after the late Jay Moriarity and the invitees/aquatic gladiators have been selected. I like the motto for the contest...

Our Logo is a badge of courage that inspires us the “live like Jay” – to go for it, live life to the fullest, challenge the boundaries, face our fears, and do it with friends…

The Eddie Contest also held their opening ceremony this weekend with surfing's A-List and Hawaii's elite. The waiting period has started, so hopefully La Nina will give us a break and show us some swell for the big-wave duals.

Photos from Surfline, Jeremiah Klein, etc...


"Surfing Ruined My Life" - A letter by some guy

This letter was featured a while back in Surfing Magazine's Letter-of-the-Week blog. I enjoyed this gentleman's humor (who apparently lives in my neighborhood) and thought I would share it with my 8 readers (Hi Mom). I'm sure we can all relate. I too pay through the nose to live by the beach, jeopardize my job to surf, sacrifice eating in order to save $$ for new boards and my commitments to any set plans are subject to the swell forecast. Entire weekends that were set aside for visiting family were spent visiting the local break. Why are we so addicted?

Letter of the Week: Surfing Ruined My Life

“Surfing Ruined My Life.” That bumper sticker stopped in front of me at a red light. I think it meant surfing the activity, not the magazine, because you don’t ruin lives. You ruin study habits.

But surfing does ruin lives. My friend and I had a conversation about this the other day. If surfing were a girlfriend, it would be the worst nightmare succubus wench outside Fashion Island — the type born platinum blond straight onto a Stairmaster, hot and shallow as a frying pan. She’d wear faux-felt Juicy tracksuits and walk her tiny rodent canine to Starbucks at 10:00 a.m. on weekdays, when decent people are working.

She would sap our ambition and convince us to settle for flexible jobs, draw down our bank balance in outsize rent checks so we could live steps from the beach, shut us off from friends and family who’d quietly wish her next facelift would turn fatal, that needy, scheming, gold-digging bitch.

What are we giving up right now to be with surfing? It’s best not to think about it.

Brad Lynch
Venice, CA