Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


Alana Qualifies - Women's Pro Surfing Octuples Fan Base

The world of Women's Professional Surfing just increased their following by 267% this week (mostly by teenage boys and middle-aged men with mustaches). WCT surf contest directors have enlisted the help of top computer scientist to handle the anticipated overload on computer servers during the live webcasts of the upcoming female surf contests. Well not really. But Alana Blanchard's 3rd place finish (after her miraculous last-minute heat win) at the Reef Hawaiian Pro in Halewia on Wednesday has solidified her spot on the 2011 WCT... Oh yeah, defending Triple Crown Champ, Parko won too. Fully recovered from his horrific heal injury, Parko smoked everyone, nailing a perfect 10-point ride (and a 9.87) in his first heat after 7-months! (check out all the links)

“I honestly didn’t even know I could qualify. I’m actually glad I didn’t know, so I could just focus on surfing well in the finals. I’m really excited for Sunset, and to get back on the world tour.”

Alana’s spot on the ASP Women’s World Tour isn’t the only exciting event on the horizon. Alana has the 2010 Surfer Poll Awards in December where she will defend her spot as the one of the top 5 most popular women surfers on Earth (for obvious reasons). She also will be portrayed in the new movie Soul Surfer based on the life of her best friend, Bethany Hamilton. Lorraine Nicholson, daughter of Academy Award Winner Jack Nicholson, will play Alana in the film that will premiere in April of 2011.

Pics, words, quotes, etc... from Rip Curl, Surfline, ASP, Reef, GrindTv, GoldCoast News, etc...

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