Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


Powder-Powered... No, not that kind of powder-power

Ran across this article in Popular Science (Nerd Alert!) and the title piqued my interest... So apparently some geniuses (SiGNa & Pedego) came up with a way to make an eco-friendly, bicycle power-assist fuel cell. Using sodium-silicide powder, loaded into a cartridge that mixes with water and instantly becomes Hydrogen gas to power your bike. Stronger, faster and far more efficient than Lithuim-Ion batteries and not quiet as explosive as having a compressed hydrogen tank strapped to your bike (think Hindenburg). A lot of progress has been made in electric bike/ motorcycle technology (see Brammo & Zero Motorcycles), but the batteries are heavy, take forever to re-charge and the range isn't quite there. The Sodium-silicide cartridge can be swapped out when it's empty and weighs in at just 1.5 pounds (approximately 60-miles worth of power on bicycle). Although this technology was originally intended for a bicycle, why don't they use this on a motorcycle? Car? Small plane? Churro-machine? Anyways, I thought it was interesting and hopefully you didn't experience the typical side-effects of this blog (loosing braincells) and actually learned something.

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