Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


Stoked surfer attempts to High-five wave

An overly stoked surfer in Newport attempted to high-five a massive wave at The Wedge yesterday afternoon, after getting "the sickest pit ever". Steve Steverman wanted to express his gratitude for the experience by offering the standard high-five, adhering to strict "bro-tocol". Unfortunately the wave was unable to return the gesture, as it did not have any hands at the time and instead could only do what The Wedge knows how to do... pummeled him into the sand and ripped off his shorts, much to the amusement of the crowd that had gathered on shore. In other news... I'm going to eat a sandwich later, possibly turkey. Stay tuned for an update.


Canadian Surf Film Festival... really?... Yes, really.

"The Canadian Surf Film Festival is a dream come true for a small group of lifelong Halifax surfers. Their wish? To watch new and old surf films on the silver screen with their friends. And to be able to celebrate surf culture – one unique to Canadian surfing."
Canadian surfing...hahahaha. Sorry that was rude. Ok, ok, Canada does have some rippers like the Bruhwheilers and a small handful of really gnarly half-man, half polar-bears that don't mind surfing next to Killer Whales and dodging icebergs on the inside section... it just sounds really funny... (I hear the Jamaican-Bobsled-Team theme song playing in my head).

Anyways, I'm stoked for our Northerly neighbors and some of the films look pretty rad. Check out the award winning and powerfully artistic Musica Surfica (below). Director Mike Sowry blends classical music with the fin-less surfing of Derek Hynd and Tom Carroll...

Musica Surfica Trailer from Mick Sowry on Vimeo.


Wave Sound Cloud - A Collection of Moving Pictures

Although this video came out a while ago, WAVE CLOUD SAND is an amazing short film. A collection of pictures that move by Santa Barbara photographer Matt Kleiner, filmed throughout Northern NSW on the east coast of Australia. The film's aim was to show the intricacy and beauty of the simple things that surround us. Focusing on the empty canvas, WAVE CLOUD SAND shows that action is a relative term.




Kelly is King... again. Congrats on the WIN!!!

Kelly Slater dominated... yet again. Proving that age is just a number. He even got a decent shack, which at Trestles is rarer than a sincere fart in church (except for Taj's barrel a couple heats earlier). One of the most exciting contests since the Andy vs. Kelly Pipeline showdown. The level of surfing was unreal. Watching these guys confidently pull air reverses like it was a top turn, makes me want to quit surfing. It was a nail-biter throughout the entire event. Now that Kelly has moved into the #1 spot on the ASP, it will be interesting to see how far he will go to win that elusive 10th world title.

PS - This video of the final day of the contest is amazing - WATCH IT! (click the little x in the top right to skip the ad)

More Surfing Videos

Photos from a few places, including:


Snake River Wranglers - Freshies... as in fresh-water

There is no escaping the addiction... Even moving thousands of miles away from the ocean will not extinguish that fire that silently smolders inside you. Once you have "that feeling", you will do anything it takes... The uncontrollable desire to feel the energy of water rush underneath your feet, becoming one with nature, harnessing its energy for your superfluous jollies. Well we found some junkies all the way out in Wyoming. On the rapids section of the Snake River, dubbed "The Lunch Counter", landlocked surfers get their fix by braving the freezing water, boulders, whirlpools, kayakers, little fish and whatever else floats in rivers... Just like an actual surfer, these "freshies" check the surf conditions of the river online by monitoring the water level.... 10,000 - 12,000 cubic feet per second is apparently the equivalent of a long period West/Southwest groundswell. The local boys are already pulling little airs and possibly making Salmon Sashimi with their fins during the spawn. Check out the video.


Dreaming in Black & White - Tanya Chalkin Photography

I enjoy the powerful images of incredible photographer Tanya Chalkin...


It's a girl!!! Newest member of the family... The Dom

It brings me great pleasure to announce the newest member of the TheMotorSurf family, little miss Dominator. The 5'6" bundle of joy was delivered by the stork late Saturday afternoon. And when I say "delivered by the stork", I mean I dragged my better half around town, in traffic for almost 2 hours to pick it up (...even after she helped convince my indecisive self that we needed another board in the house, thanks... She's a keeper). I decided on the almost indestructible Firewire surfboard technology (see below) after recently buckling my most precious of boards, breaking a fin plug out of my 1st back-up board and smashing the rail on my 2nd back-up board. Leaving me with a 1979 twin fin and my 6'2" mini step-up. Hopefully this one will last a while... (A friend had one that he literally drove over and nothing happened to it).

As soon as I wrapped my little hands around her 19 3/8 inch waist and started walking to the car, I immediately began to mentally route the fastest way to the beach... I imagined one hand on the wheel, one hand on the wax bar... driving right over the remaining tourists and straight up to the waters edge... do a rolling jump out of the car and immediately start paddling, so as to not waste a second. Her mysterious outline and subtle curves had my curiosity burning. How did she paddle? What would the first drop feel like? Will the bottom turn be smooth or skatey? Will it fly down the line or bog?... The (few) cogs in my head squeakily turned as fast & furiously as they could... OH WAIT!? I thought to myself. This is the first board I've owned with 5-fin plugs... meaning it can be set up as a thruster... quad... bonzer... twiny.... winger... single... no fins.... the possibilities are endless... how would I choose for the maiden voyage? Actually I would only really ride it as a quad or maybe a thruster, so my possibilities are not endless, but not limited either.

My first-wave dreams where immediately crushed after a receiving an update from my personal surf reporter, Mr. Jeremiah James Hennessy, who sent me a photo of Lake Pacific with the caption "literally flat"... Paddling out on a surfless day with a new board would be like buying a Ferrari and keeping it under 10 mph. Or scoring a date with a supermodel and telling her you just want to be friends. Or opening a beer and only having a sip... It's just not right... I still oddly felt the urge to drive over tourists on the beach though. HOWEVER, the friendly forecasters over at Wetsand have predicted a little Southern Juice will be flowing our way over the weekend... so I'm keeping the fingers crossed for some decent testing grounds and see if I can rip like Taj or flail like the Cardiff Kook. For now, I'll keep the little one tucked away til she's ready to play.


Dreams - Step 4 + Dogtown = ?

My buddy JJ, sent this little ditty over last night... I guess to keep us "frothin" through the long weekend. Enjoy a little pool skate flow.