Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


The Battle Royale - Surfing vs. Motorcycling


I can't believe it took me this long to realize that my two (current) passions needed to be thrown into the gladiators' arena... Facing each other in an epic battle that will be remembered for generations. In my mind they always seemed to meld into a harmonious ying-yang / balance of opposites-type, singular entity. The two evoke very different feelings on a similar plane. The depth of that plane only being achieved by a gifted and brave few. The fearless and skillful. The redundant and repetitive. Who will rejoice in triumphant victory? Well thats a no-brainer... to me at least. Surfing. Despite the cargo-short, popped collar wearing, puka-shell sporting, no socks white shoes, folded bill hat, ironic t-shirt slogan touting image that our beloved Abercrombie hs created in the eye of the rest of society, surfing is F-ing hard. And not the "I bet I can bench-press more than you" type of hard. The difficulty I'm referring to, is when the surf is tiny or pumping... being ecstatic to wake up before the sun, leave a warm bed (with a warm body in it) scramble into a soggy cold wet wetsuit and know that the next wave could be the one that drowns you... crazy? maybe. Addiction? Some would say it's a problem. They don't understand.

There is no limit to the degree you can take your surfing... look at Slater... Greg Long... Dane Reynolds... Craig Anderson... No one would have dreamed anything they do is possible, but I'm pretty sure there where motorcycle riders going pretty damn fast 30 years ago... and despite technology changes... not much else has...except for backflips which are ridiculous (but still learned in the safety of a foam pit) and maybe stunt riders, but they're weird. Plus I like the motorcycles, riding style and fashion from 30 years ago better anyways. And yes, bikers are tough tattoo-sporting bad-asses and gnarly biker gangs stab and shoot people for fun, but so do 13 year old kids in Colombia.

Sure you see little kids splashing about and spry octogenarians slowly making that paddle out at malibu... Still the experience of that split-second zen like feeling that seems impossibly infinite is still incomparable to anything else.

Aaanyways, I found some motorcycle riding chap who happens to be friends with a surfboard riding lad... the two of them apparently got to talkin and started argueing over which was easier to learn... surfing or motorcycle riding.. DUH!!! Are you frickin kidding?!?! The rider argues that motorcycle riding is harder because if you fall you can get hurt and in surfing there is (and I quote) "almost zero chance of you getting hurt"... Right, so how about we go learn to surf at Chopes?... Shipstearns perhaps?... Or maybe a quick lesson at Ours with the Bra Boys? Ok fine, I wouldn't enter Erzberg Rodeo or Baja 1000, but still... Twist-n-go man. Is there even localism in motorcycle riding? Then this Jazzhole (thats right I called him a Jazzhole) claims that riding a motorcycle "involves more things to be taken into account" Riiiight, so at what levels of surfing and riding are we talking about here? Sorry, I'm getting really fired up.

I would love to see some kind of reality show based on this argument. Maybe the Nitro Circus versus the Wolfpack or Bra Boys OR just Travis Pastrana versus Mark Healey? Like tow surfing a whale shark in 100 foot Antarctic waves or quadruple backflips in a winnebago over the pirana part of the Amazon? So in the end there is a little poll to cast your vote and the people have unanimously agreed (ok, it was 62.5% to 37.5%) that surfing is obviously harder to learn. I think anyone could learn to ride a bike in a day and get good in a month. In the dynamic world of surfing, you would be a prodigy to accomplish anything of the sort.

P.S. I didn't re-read or proof-read this post. Not sure what just happened.


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