Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally

My mind is spinning faster than a squeaky hamster wheel... I can't seem to find the words to express the overwhelming excitement and anticipation that is growing inside me (like a well fed tape worm). Kid in a candy shop, giddy as a schoolgirl, butterflies in your stomach, pleased as punch, happy as a clam, jumping for joy.... No. These are all expressions that are extremely inappropriate for anything relating to motorcycles, especially a rally... So I'm just going to growl a little and nod my head in approval while I go chop down a tree with my bare hands.

Sunday's rally starts at The Yard in Venice @ 10am sharp. A quick 17 mile ride up PCH, followed by all sorts of vintage machines, beer, bikers and pin-up models. I'll be coming off my World Cup Final adrenaline buzz and diving right in to the gas fumes and burnt rubber. It will be an exciting day, all benefiting the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association.

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