Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


Into the Wild... Kinda

Time to escape the city and head to serenity. A tent on Central Coast will be my home for a few days...


High-5 - A Movie of (kind of) Epic Proportions

New Transworld flick premieres in SD this Friday at my favorite surf theatre (for the 24 hour burrito place across the street). The cover art is pretty amazing... As for the movie??? Well, their last 2 films where pretty rad and soundtrack was fist-pump worthy. So I'm sure it won't disapoint. Excited to see the ariel antics of Goodall & Geiselman and of course Droid's part should be entertaining...
Check out the sneak-peek at the makings of...


Big Bang Big Boom - Wall Animation by BLU

Creative graffiti wall art really gets me fired up. This stop-motion video is kinda long, but really rad.

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


Dreaming in Black & White- Getting my feet wet

From now on, my secret love for Black & White photography will become... well, less of a secret. Hopefully posting a few more ocular delights for you visual enthusiasts on a regular basis.


This Beer tastes like Music __ Beer + Dj Cheeba = Frickin Rad

Pretty rad new ad by Beck's Beer - Combining 600 LEDs, beer bottles, kegs and a crafty DJ. Music & Beer go together like... well, music and beer.

Beck's Vier Music Inspired Art with DJ Cheeba from Outside Line on Vimeo.


It's Jordy's Party and he'll cry if he wants to...

... Just kidding, please don't eat me. Congrats on the win. The contest at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa was pretty amazing. Perfect waves and some incredible surfing. Some of the best contest surfing I've seen. Jordy's first WCT win, signifies the "changing of the guard" as everyone loves to call it, has finally happened. So I'm not quite sure what will happen now that the guards have been changed... maybe the economy will bounce back? Terrorism will come to an end? Healthcare will become nationalized? Well at least we know that Jordy rips and all the young guns (see Dusty & Dane Reynolds) are slowly killing off the Tour Veterans (yes I know Taj beat Dane, but you know what I'm getting at)

I'm anxious to see how the South African giant will fair against the heavies at Teahupoo in the upcoming Tahiti contest.

Check out the highlights from the final day of the event.


Pieces of the Pie - Brute Old-Man Strength

My Pops (featured above) made a guest appearance in LA a couple weekends ago... We ate burgers, drank beers and talked motorcycle...Like real men, it was fun. Little progress has been made the past month on the bike. In fact I've barely touched it. Mostly because every single step has been a disaster and it intimidates me with its mechanical complexity (that I'm sure could be easily sorted out by a well read baboon). The real problem is I can't get any of these F-ing little bolts out... Tiny little bastards won't move without getting stripped. Sure there are plenty of other things to do, like repaint the frame, patch up the gas tank, get new tires, clean the spray paint off the wheels, make a new seat... blah blah blah. I just can't seem to do anything else until I finish rebuilding this old, rusted, worn-out motor. When will this thing ever be finished?.. probably never.
So the old man came up to see what all the fuss was about... We went to work. Within minutes we were both sweating and cursing. A trip to home depot and several beers later... we FINALLY pulled out the remaining 4 bolts holding this hunk of metal together. Using a dremel to cut the top of the screws and a giant screwdriver we forced them out of their homes ( like barbaric rulers taking over new lands). The magneto coils are finally out! (see picture below). There is NO WAY I, or anybody else combined could have done this without the sheer, brute force that he posses in those popeye-esque forearms. I've seen the guy rip phone books in half and eat a cup of nails for breakfast... At least now I have the bolts out and the coils off so I can replace the chewed-up wires. The next challenge will be splitting the block in half so I can replace the kick-start shaft, gear change lever and install new seals and gaskets. More to come... much more...

Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally

My mind is spinning faster than a squeaky hamster wheel... I can't seem to find the words to express the overwhelming excitement and anticipation that is growing inside me (like a well fed tape worm). Kid in a candy shop, giddy as a schoolgirl, butterflies in your stomach, pleased as punch, happy as a clam, jumping for joy.... No. These are all expressions that are extremely inappropriate for anything relating to motorcycles, especially a rally... So I'm just going to growl a little and nod my head in approval while I go chop down a tree with my bare hands.

Sunday's rally starts at The Yard in Venice @ 10am sharp. A quick 17 mile ride up PCH, followed by all sorts of vintage machines, beer, bikers and pin-up models. I'll be coming off my World Cup Final adrenaline buzz and diving right in to the gas fumes and burnt rubber. It will be an exciting day, all benefiting the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association.


Layback Larry's New Art - Paint it, Black

My good friend Layback Larry has become quite the artist lately. From wheat pasting his signature piece around LA to this little ditty (wonder why I like it...), Larry is throwin down some talent. Check out his blog if you haven't yet...


I wear Old Animal Skins for fun

I recently spent an afternoon with my better half exploring the heart of downtown Santa Monica. A crowded grid of shops, restaurants, parking structures, sun burnt tourists and some incredible homeless characters (yes, I saw a guy get into a physical altercation with his own shoe, which he referred to as Sergeant Shoe-ter). It's hard for me to browse a store longer than a few minutes without getting bored, dizzy and strangely hungry. We wandered our way through a couple stores, ending up at a vintage clothing shop. I did the usual bored boyfriend browsing and happened to spy a few leather jackets. Pulled out the first one and tried it on. Fits like a glove and smells like Marlboro cigarettes. I was sold. - The better half loved it and before my indecisiveness set in, she had paid for it. Quite a generous gift. A vintage Wilson's Leather motorcycle jacket. I promised myself that I would not wear it in public until I finished rebuilding the bike...


The Path of the Modern Gypsy

A couple weeks ago I received a nice little surprise from the generous staff of Surfing Magazine… The new Reef movie, Caner to Capricorn, the Path of the Modern Gypsy. Featuring the ridiculous aerial antics of the Reef team’s finest, youngest and most progressive… Along with Machado, Fanning and a few other staples. The Soundtrack is pretty frickin rad too., featuring Mike Snow, Jack Penate and the like. However after watching the vid, I still don't really know what constitutes a modern gypsy... I don't think it has anything to do with surfing.

From what I can recall (damn that short-term memory loss), Quicksilver’s Young Guns series was one of the first, if not most successful marketing campaigns of the free surf-flick - heavily marinated with subliminal “new boardshort line” promotion. Of course most of us where so distracted by Dane, Kelly, etc. getting shacked in the Mentawais, we never really noticed… The industry followed like sheep and exploited the idea to death. From then on, I received all kinds of product pushing DVD’s, form Casio’s G-Zone indestructible mobile phone (featuring some shitty surfing in Alaska or something) to The Red Bull Double Down surf trip / Poker tournament (featuring incredibly intelligent and deep, insightful interviews with a highly caffeinated Jamie O’ and inebriated Irons brothers). C-2-C feels a little like I’m watching \ the companies Spring Line fashion show, with a peeling Indo reef pass as the runway. I understand this was a free movie, with some hot surfy-surfy and therefore any viewer will be subjected to the check-writers’ goods - just like skipping the ‘sign-up’ for a website and subjecting yourself to the ads… However this marketing strategy seems to have permeated every outlet possible. TV’s at the gas pump, commercials at the grocery check-out, sometimes I even get commercials while I’m dreaming, those are soo annoying. Anyways, despite every 3rd shot featuring a discrete slo-mo close up of somone’s shorts, shoes or sandals… there is some impressive surfing and a couple award-winning butts thrown in the middle. So I leave you (all 2 of my readers) with the trailer.