Documenting life during the first attempt at restoring a vintage motorcycle.

Similar to the zen -like feeling that is realized through surfing,
motorcycle repair can elevate the mind to a meditative state that eludes time and space...
Meaning I obsess over it, get frustrated, yell, laugh at myself and overall waste a lot of time.


Surf De Jour - Dream Tour Begins & Taj Wins Quick Gold

The first contest of 2010 wrapped up today and recent Pipe Master/ one of my all time favorites, Taj Burrow destroyed the Snapper sandbar in pretty stormy conditions. While being marginally discreet, I watched the majority of the contest from my cubicle with coworkers probably thinking I'm up to no good as they peeked over my shoulder. Pretty incredible to see the god's of our sport unleash on such a perfect wave. Like watching surf history unfold, Jordy and Dane are radically changing the core of contest surfing. Just makes me wish I never started surfing so I wasn't jealous of their incredible talent and ridiculous lives.... maybe one day...

"The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast is the perfect ASP "Dreamtour" location. Warm water and white sand, sunshine and sun tans, people and parties, all combined with some of the best sand-bottom pointbreaks in the world, makes the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast the most eagerly anticipated of all events among both professional surfers and fans alike."
(Photos courtesy of Quicksilver & the ASP)

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